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Monica D.T. Rysavy, Ph.D., Ed.D.

Director (Institutional Research & Training), Assistant Professor

Russell Michalak, MLIS

Director (Hirons Library, Archives, & Learning Center), Assistant Professor

What we do

We specialize in helping busy academic administrators and faculty organize & plan their academic goals, projects, publications, & presentations Notion (a popular project management app).

Strategy Sessions

Want to meet with us to discuss a specific project or challenge? We offer 6o minute Strategy Sessions! This is also the call to book if you’d like to discuss a longer term consulting relationship or team project needs. 

Online Courses

Notion for Academics Academy is our signature course. We are currently in the midst of our Founders’ Launch for the January 2021 program. 

Notion Templates

We sell templates based off our popular workflows and strategies. These are highly customizeable and ideal if you are looking for a “get started quickly” solution. 

Get Started

by Checking Out Some of Our Free Resources

Notion Basics

There’s so much Notion training content out there that speeds 🏃‍♀️ right over the basics and that can leave feeling confused 🙇🏼‍♀️  so in our #NotionBasics series, we break things down for you so that you can feel confident getting started with Notion successfully.

How to Create a Portfolio with Notion

Interested in using Notion to build a professional #NoCode Portfolio? This series of posts walks you through how we use Notion for our academic portfolio.

Notion for Academics Academy

Considering Notion for Academics Academy? We’d love to have you! Check out these posts to learn more about the Notion for Academics Academy experience. 

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Academic Portfolio Template

Looking for a solution for your academic portfolio?
Check out this Notion template for a simple no-code solution!

Notion for Academics Newsletter

Ready to Track & Reflect on 2021?

Perhaps you're like us & often think that you should give the whole "daily journaling" thing a try. But most templates either cost more than you're interested in paying for or are simply too complicated to keep up with more than a few days. We get it!

Here's where we come in! We've created a new #NotionForAcademics template for you to help you track & reflect on each day of 2021 with three simple daily entries in a free Notion template. And the cost? It's FREE! 

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Thanks for trying out our template and signing up for the #NotionForAcademics Newsletter! Please download the template by clicking: https://s3.amazonaws.com/contents.newzenler.com/7214/library/5fe8fbc103cf8_1609104321_2021-daily-summary-mood-energy-tracker-pdf.pdf