Task & Goal Tracking During the Pandemic

A practice that has been key to helping Rusty & I continue to move forward with accomplishing our goals & objectives related to research and scholarship is setting daily & weekly goals for ourselves. ⠀

We’ve always planned for long term projects like edited collections that we lead or contribute to (those often take at least one year & we just wrapped 1 that took just under 2 years due to COVID delays!) and for conferences where we’ve been accepted to speak (often months in advance).⠀

However, lately we’ve found we needed to be even more diligent about goal setting. ⠀

Perhaps it’s that one of us is still working remotely due to the pandemic? Or potentially just the general “meh” feeling that many of us are feeling as result of living and working throughout the pandemic?

In any event, while Rusty and I certainly spend a fair amount of of time Zoom-ing these days (has “Zoom-ing” been declared an official verb yet?! ), we haven’t worked together face-to-face since March 2020.

We recently found ourselves asking each other,

“What are we doing today?!”

despite being clear on our current and future projects as well as relevant deadlines.

We found that although we still had our goals, and we were definitely working towards those goals, we were no longer as focused as had once been. When we discovered this lack of focus was becoming a definite pattern, we decided to mix things up and be EVEN MORE SPECIFIC with daily & weekly tasks.

Daily & Weekly Business Task/Goal Tracking

Here’s what’s working for us for us right now: ⠀

  • Weekly goals (about 5) and ⠀
  • Daily goals (top 3 priorities)⠀⠀

are set and we share them with each other each week. ⠀

The weekly tasks are typically set at the end of the previous week or over the weekend and the top 3 daily are set the previous day.

Using Notion for Tracking⠀

One of the many things I love about Notion is how quickly I can create a new table and integrate it with other aspects of our Notion for Academics productivity system. We are experimenting with using a Notion table to track our weekly scholarship and business goals. This new tracking table ties into my weekly agenda so I can see what specific tasks we are accomplishing directly related to our research & business goals each week.

Weekly business goal/task tracking

How’s goal tracking going for you these days?

Have you made any changes to your system or systems to account for what it’s like living in “the new normal”? Let us know in the comments!