Michalak, R., Rysavy, M., & Dawes, T. A (2019). vs. EBSCO’s GOBI Library Solutions: Evaluating new and used book vendors while building a diverse collection. Technical Services Quarterly 36(1), 18-43. (peer-reviewed article).


This article will share a small college’s comparison of the benefits and challenges that occurred when ordering a curated list of new and used print books from EBSCO’s GOBI Library Solutions, a traditional book jobber, instead of, a book retailer. The researchers analyzed the acquisition process, final purchase cost, and reconciliation workflow between the two vendors. Results from this study revealed a 3.1% final cost difference between the two vendors. Additionally, this case study addressed the workflow undertaken to build a curated list of new and used LGBTQ and Title IX print books. This research contributed to the literature as scholarship that compared titles in academic libraries between one subject area, gender studies, in combination with an assessment of the collection development, acquisition, and ordering software tools provided to academic libraries from a traditional book jobber and a book retailer was scant.

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