Russell Michalak & Monica D. T. Rysavy (2020) Assessing the Accessibility of Library Tools & Services When You Aren’t an Accessibility Expert: Part 2, Journal of Library Administration, 60:3, 295-300, DOI: 10.1080/01930826.2020.1727283


There are a few studies in library literature that explore accessibility issues from the perspective of students who use assistive technologies for accessibility. As we shared in part one of this two-part series in our column, librarians have extensively explored through usability studies with WAVE and other audit tools how accessible library websites and databases are when using assistive technologies like JAWS. In this column, we asked our blind student worker to journal his experiences navigating our library’s databases. We found this student navigated the databases better than we anticipated. While his experiences regarding the accessibility of the libraries’ electronic services varied, common issues he experienced included navigational issues from menus with expanding capabilities, documents that were not scanned with OCR, and images without alternative text.

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