Ready for your next Notion tip?! 

In case this is your first time seeing these tips, Rusty & I are sharing Notion Basics tips. There’s so much Notion training content out there that speeds right over the basics and that can leave new to feeling confused so we want to break things down for you so that you can feel confident getting started with Notion successfully. ⠀

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 On to today’s topic:⠀Content is Flexible in Notion

Any block in Notion can be turned into any other type of block in order to use, view, or deepen that information in a new way – without losing any of it.

Bullets can be turned into Pages

Turn a bulleted list into a list of pages where you can add more research, tasks, and context. Check out the video above to see this in action.

A list of Tasks can be turned into a Board view

Drag and drop to rearrange and transform your content. Check out the video above to see this in action.

A Table can be turned into a Calendar

Add a calendar view to a table so that you can easily visualize what tasks are due when. No need to recreate your content! Check out the video above to see this in action.

Ready to Track & Reflect on 2021?

Perhaps you're like us & often think that you should give the whole "daily journaling" thing a try. But most templates either cost more than you're interested in paying for or are simply too complicated to keep up with more than a few days. We get it!

Here's where we come in! We've created a new #NotionForAcademics template for you to help you track & reflect on each day of 2021 with three simple daily entries in a free Notion template. And the cost? It's FREE! 

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