Today, I am going to create views to display your content in your Notion Academic Portfolio.

In case you missed it, Monica and I shared posts about getting started with Notion Academic portfolios recently on the following topics:

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As we shared in the previous post (Build Your Table to Store the Information & Add Your Content in Your Academic Portfolio in Notion) building a table and adding your content to your Academic Portfolio in Notion is a time-consuming process. Creating views in your Academic Portfolio in Notion is straightforward once you have spent the time to build the table and add your content, as we shared in the last post.

By creating Gallery views in your Academic Portfolio in Notion you can:

  1. Make your Academic Portfolio more visually appealing
  2. Sort & filter based on certain requirements
  3. Modify a view based on the content or media type
  4. Sort or filter by date or type
  5. Create multiple views

Below is a brief guide to help you create your Gallery View in your Academic Portfolio in Notion.

Creating Gallery Views

Once you created your table for your Academic Portfolio (Build Your Table to Store the Information & Add Your Content in Your Academic Portfolio in Notion) it’s time to create views to represent each type of scholarly activity (presentations, publications, service and funding) so you can share on the web your Academic Portfolio.  

In our Academic Portfolio in Notion, we switched from the “Table” view to the “Gallery” view. The Gallery view allowed us to modify to who and for what purpose we used our Academic Portfolio. We created views for publications, presentations, service, and funding. We displayed on the card information about the scholarly activity in the Gallery view by filtering property types.

To create a gallery view in Notion, move your mouse to the left side of your table view and select “+ Add a view” (see below).

Below is what our academic portfolio in Notion looks like in a “Gallery” view when it is completed. 

Adding an Image to Card in Gallery View

Next, you can make your academic portfolio in Notion add an image that represents your scholarly activity to the card in the “Gallery” view.  To add an image to a card in the gallery view, click the “+” in the card, then copy the URL link from the “URL to Conference” field or the “DOI” field, then click on the URL to open it. Once the URL displays in your browser, snip the image that you want to be displayed in the card with the “Snipping Tool” then copy and paste the image you snipped from your browser in the section below the comments section in the card (see below).

To modify the size of the card that displays your scholarly activities, click “Properties.” Then select “Card size” to “Small,” “Medium,” or “Large.” The size of the card you chose depends on your screen size and where you are displaying it.  When shared on LinkedIn, I modified the card size to “Large” so that the digital academic portfolio displays with two columns on a mobile device when accessed from LinkedIn.  See below.

Also, in “Properties, below the  “Card size,” you can fit the image size to the card by clicking the toggle button next to the “Fit Image” property type.  See below.

Below “Fit image” is a list of all properties you can display on the cards when you share your Academic Portfolio in Notion in the Gallery view on the web. To select which property you want displayed click on the toggle button to the right or to the left.  When the toggle button is on the right, the property you select displays on the card below the image. When the toggle button is on the left the property does not display on the card below the image. You can always drag a property to reorder the list. For this academic portfolio, we chose to display the following metadata fields on the card in our gallery view: “ Title,” “Authors,” “DOI”, “Date” and “Type.” See below.


Designing creative gallery views in your Academic Portfolio in Notion is simple. In Notion, you can design multiple views in one project and share on the web each view. For example, you can create multiple Gallery views for your publications and change the properties that are displayed for each depending on your audience. There is no limit to Gallery views. They are fun to design and simple to recreate.

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