I’ll admit it: I’m a productivity and digital organizing geek. I’ve used many tools over the years to organize my personal and professional tasks and projects.

Sometimes referred to as a Tech Stack, my productivity tools of choice over the years for task, project, and note management have included:

  • OmniFocus
  • Things
  • Trello
  • Asana
  • Todoist
  • Airtable
  • Evernote
  • OneNote
  • SmartSheet

And probably several others that I’m forgetting at the moment!

And since this has turned into confession time as you are probably starting to realize that I’ve spent (many) hours figuring out the best way to organize my personal and professional life, I’ll just go ahead and admit that I’m borderline obsessed with paper planners as well. You name it, I’ve likely tried it, including planners by Whitney English, Emily Ley, Erin Condren, Lara Casey, Franklin Covey (to name a few), but to further illustrate my love of all things planning-related, let me share a brief amusing story:

I once was so fed about up with my digital and paper planners that I made my own using Microsoft Word, printed and spiral bound it (I was serious about this project!) at FedEx Kinkos, and then after I picked up my rather expensive planner (I should have reconsidered the heavy cardstock weight paper and the full-color ink printing), I blogged about my process to document it and shared that post to Pinterest. While I’m not incredibly knowledgeable about post metrics, that one pin (a link to the post that no longer exists so I should do something about that!) has by far (ironically) received the most views (impressions) as compared to nearly every other pin I’ve saved over the years.

What’s the point of all this oversharing about my love of productivity and organizing tools both digital and print?

While I’ve tried many (many) tools and systems, I rarely share about them in detail (with family, friends, or even online for that matter) unless I really, really, like them, believe they are worth the effort to learn and implement, and have found some true value in my life by using them.

We think Notion is fantastic and believe there’s a really good chance you’ll think so too.

But there’s something really important you need to know before we dive into the weeds of sharing all the details about our Notion for Academics system in future posts:

You can set up your Notion workspace to be as simple or as fancy as you want, but fancy can get in the way of productive.

You Can Use Notion to Manage Your Entire Life
(if you want to)

Notion for Academics Inspiration Idea #1:

Want to use Notion to store interesting things you find online such as academic articles or save the link to those shoes you want to buy from Amazon when they eventually go on sale?

You can do that, and in future posts we’ll show you how.

(P.S. Did you know you can set alerts in Amazon that will alert you when a price drops?)

Notion for Academics Inspiration Idea #2:

Want to use Notion to take notes on academic articles or other content you are reading online like blog posts or even email newsletters?

You can do that and in future posts we’ll show you how.

Notion for Academics Inspiration Idea #3:

Want to create a daily agenda? Perhaps you really want to simply create a digital version of the paper planner that’s driving you nuts because you can’t digitally search your notes.

You can do that, and in future posts we’ll show you how.

Notion for Academics Inspiration Idea #4:

Want to create a comprehensive personal management system that combines a daily journal that tracks your progress with goals and/or habits, which feeds into weekly agendas, and also connects to your notes (academic and personal) as well as to other resource materials you are saving online, AND connects to your quarterly and/or annual goals?

Yes, you can even do this too, and in future posts, we’ll take you through the process of setting up the exact Notion for Academics system we use step-by-step, so that you can use (and modify!) our system so that it works best for you.

What’s next?

I hope you are seeing the theme here (and yes, that repetition above was intentional!):

Beginning with this post, Rusty and I will be sharing how we use our Notion for Academics system to manage our busy personal, scholarly, and administrative lives.

Have Questions?

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