Michalak, R. & Rysavy, M. (2019). Library-supported scholarship: Increasing faculty scholarly reach with author services. Charleston Library Conference Proceedings. (proceedings).


The researchers’ primary goal when working with faculty on the research and publication process is to empower them to independently write literature reviews, deploy surveys, collect data, analyze data, and submit manuscripts to peer-review journals and edited book collections. The authors coach faculty in doing so in a variety of ways, from one-on-one trainings to small group workshops. For faculty who have recently earned their PhD, librarians have worked with them to narrow their dissertation topic into a publishable product. As part of the publishing process, the authors have shown them how to select potential publication outlets by reviewing the journals most cited by those the faculty are citing through using Web of Science and by reviewing journal SJR index scores. To assist faculty with marketing their publications, we surveyed the college’s faculty to determine their awareness of authors so that the library can assist them to increase their scholarly reach. Overall, with the exception of Google Scholar Author Profiles and LinkedIn, more than 50% of the college’s faculty indicated that they were unaware of the remaining author services. This indicates there is need for librarians or educational technologists to train faculty on the benefits author services provides faculty.

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