Rysavy, M., Michalak, R., & Hunt, K. (2018). Mapping points of interest: An analysis of students’ engagement with digital primary sources through digital heat maps and written reflection. American Journal of Distance Education, 32(3), 202-216. (peer-reviewed article).


The Digital Archival Advertisements Survey Process (DAASP) model is a collaborative active learning exercise designed to aid students in evaluating primary source documents of print-based advertisements. By deploying DAASP, the researchers were able to assess the students’ ability to evaluate their biases of the advertisements in a first-year composition course. This research attempts to answer the following research question: Do students perceive heatmap-centered collaboration as helpful with their evaluation of library-licensed digital primary sources? This research explored students’ experiences interacting with and reflecting on archival advertisements (mid-twentieth century) in a first-year composition class in Fall 2017 utilizing the DAASP model.

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