Founders Launch of Notion for Academics Academy

Did you catch our recent post about the Founders Launch for Notion for Academics Academy? Make sure to check out that post for more information or visit the course website for additional details.

Notion for Academics Academy Course Walkthrough

We know how important it is to learn about online courses before signing up (especially me as I’m ALWAYS signing up for online courses – I just love to learn!), so during the sales period of the Founders Launch (November 22 – December 13, 2020), we’re going to share details about the course so that you can get a better idea regarding if joining us for the first run of Notion for Academics Academy is for you! As a reminder, this program contains 8 modules, those modules are delivered over 8 weeks with weekly office hours and community support.

In this post, I’m going to share about Module 1: Overview

Module 1: Overview

In the first module of Notion for Academics Academy, Module 1: Overview, we provide an overview to the entire course to you, including:

  • How to Navigate the Course Platform
  • The Course Outline
  • Important Tips for How to Make the Most Out of Notion for Academics Academy

Why this Module is Important

The “Introduction” or “Overview” module is so often skipped by course creators.

But after teaching for nearly 20 years, I know that my students are more successful with a well thought out and detailed introduction. This isn’t just what you’ll learn – though of course, it includes that, but it also demonstrates how to navigate our course platform, how to make the most out of the course, and SPOILER ALERT – has some bonus content that includes the very basics about #Notion in case you don’t feel comfortable with your way around it just yet.

And this last part is important: If you aren’t feeling confident with Notion “basics” yet, it’s ok!

This is not one of those courses that moves at warp speed so that you feel more confused at the end than when you started (if you even make it to the end due to content overwhelm!). We take things step by step and offer plenty of support. That’s why we have live Weekly Office Hours & an online community where you can ask as many questions as you want! ⠀


Have questions about this module or about Notion for Academics Academy? Let us know!

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