As Monica and I (& Alison Wesel) stated in our article “8 Years of institutional assessment feedback: students’ satisfaction with library services“, developing quality questions to ask students is key to a quality satisfaction survey. It is important to ask both qualitative and quantitative questions over as a longitudinal as was practiced at the institution in this study. If you need guidance on adding library questions to a student satisfaction survey or how to craft questions for your institution’s survey, please contact us as we have many years of experience.

Ready to Track & Reflect on 2021?

Perhaps you're like us & often think that you should give the whole "daily journaling" thing a try. But most templates either cost more than you're interested in paying for or are simply too complicated to keep up with more than a few days. We get it!

Here's where we come in! We've created a new #NotionForAcademics template for you to help you track & reflect on each day of 2021 with three simple daily entries in a free Notion template. And the cost? It's FREE! 

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