Rysavy, M., Michalak, R., & Hunt, K. (2018). Information literacy assessment for 1st year composition students: A case study of three deployment modes. In Handbook of Research on Learner Experience and Usability in Online Education. IGI. Hershey, PA. (book chapter).


This chapter describes how the researchers at a small private Master’s level college examined how different delivery modes—face-to-face (F2F), hybrid, and online instruction—may impact first-year students’ perceptions of their information literacy (IL) skills compared to their test-assessed information literacy skills using the students perception of information literacy-questionnaire (SPIL-Q) and information literacy assessment (ILA) instruments. These instruments were developed and deployed to international graduate business students in two previous studies: Michalak and Rysavy and Michalak, Rysavy, and Wessel. The students (n=161) in this study were enrolled in a first-year English composition course in the Spring 2017 semester. This iteration achieved an overall response rate of 87.04% (n=141). Overall, results demonstrated the greatest achievement were demonstrated by students in hybrid course sections.

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