Notion for Academics

with Monica Rysavy & Rusty Michalak

Organize and effectively manage your academic goals, tasks, & projects with the “Notion for Academics” system.

Design a daily agenda & weekly planner

Organize, track, and make progress on your goals & projects

Build a "Knowledge Hub" to store digital content that is important to you

Program Options




1 lifetime membership

Small Team


6 lifetime memberships

Notion for Academics includes:


Training Modules

Six training modules with step-by-step tutorials and in-depth training videos

Office Hours

Weekly Office Hours for you to drop in to ask all of your Notion questions – no appointment necessary!

Online Community

Membership in The Productive Academic Community, our online community where you can connect with your instructors, as well as others learning about Notion.

The Syllabus

Module 1: Overview

This lesson provides an overview of the Notion platform, including examples from our personal and team workspaces.

Module 2: Designing a Daily Journal

This lesson walks you through the process of creating a Daily Agenda in Notion, complete with step-by-step tutorials and training videos.

Module 3: Projects & Tasks

This lesson guides you through the process of identifying your current projects. You will build a simple Project database to organize and track your projects in Notion and will begin to add tasks.

Module 4: Capture

This lesson explains how Notion can be used as the digital “home” for nearly all the content you interact with digitally on a daily basis. You’ll create three additional databases to capture and organize digital and print materials, academic articles, and notes.

Module 5: Weekly Agenda

In this lesson, you’ll pull the components of your Notion system together with a Weekly Agenda that connects to your projects, tasks, databases, and offers the opportunity for weekly reflection.

Module 6: YouHQ

In the final lesson, you’ll build your YouHQ (“You” is replaced with your name 😄 ) Dashboard. This dashboard provides you with quick access to all the elements of your new Notion system.

“When you repeatedly follow a system that you trust, you will consistently make progress towards achieving your goals. For us, Notion for Academics is that system. "

Monica Rysavy, Ph.D., Ed.D. & Russell Michalak, MLIS

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