Leveraging Library Technology: Non-Library Uses of Library Technology

Leveraging Library Technology: Non-Library Uses of Library Technology

Journal of Library Administration
Pub Date
Mar 20, 2019
Monica D.T. Rysavy Ph.D. Ed.D.
Russell Michalak MLIS
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Library Tools


The library has experienced many conversations with colleagues at the college in different departments lately related to the library tools and services it offers. Some of these conversations have included senior administrators, who have at some point directly supervised the library. In order for senior administrators to advocate for the library, librarians must educate them on the tools and services the library offers to its customers. Springshare’s LibApps is one such tool that has been integral to library operations. In the few years since the library has subscribed to Springshare’s LibApps’ suite of tools, Office of Institutional Research & Training (OIRT) has successfully utilized this library-specific tool, which has justified the annual renewal of this software tool by senior administration. For more departments at the college to adopt these tools and integrate them into their day-to-day tasks, librarians must educate customers (student, staff, and faculty) as well as administration about this and other library-specific tools. Since Springshare markets to and for librarians and as more librarians write about how this tool can be used for a variety of different applications, then other departments college-wide will become aware of and then adopt Springshare’s LibApps’ suite of tools.