Daily PKM Workflow | December 2021

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Monica D.T. Rysavy Ph.D. Ed.D.
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I recently took the time to map out my Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) daily workflow. It was supremely helpful for me to see which tools were working well together and which weren't.
Today I'm sharing how I'm using my PKM tools and my second brain on a typical (working) day.

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🌅 Wake Up

Each day I start by tracking some data in my Notion databases. First up is entering ACTIVITY data from my Oura Ring from the previous day.
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Next up, I add data related to how I'm feeling as I start up the day. This data comes from my Oura Ring, my RenPho Scale, and personal reflections.
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💪🏻 Exercise

After I exercise, I add details to Notion. Depending on the day, I work out with my Future Fitness Trainer Hailey(who I enjoy working with so much I just bought a whole year!), ride my Peloton bike, and/or do a class with my Mirror.
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🥣 Breakfast

Next is breakfast which I track in Notion, too. My goal is to incorporate my favorite protein, Devotion Nutrition, so I have an option to check off if I did or not to help me see how I'm doing with this over time. I also spell out what I ate in the 🥣 Breakfast field.
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📝 Daily Start Up

My "Daily Start Up" routine presently incorporates Logseq, Google Chat, and ClickUp.
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🥣 Lunch


📝 Daily Work Shut Down


⏰ Break / Free Time


🥣 Dinner


📝Daily Personal Shut Down