Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome to Our New Website!

👋 Hello & welcome to our new website!

We are launching a new website today that is built entirely off of Notion using an app known as MDX.ONE. This makes it so we can use the domain we already purchased (rysavymichalak.com) and have it direct to our website and blog that is powered by the MDX #NoCode tool.

🤔 Why the new website?

In recent years we found that while we certainly knew how to build and maintain a website and blog using tools like self-hosted WordPress and various template builders, it was often time-consuming, technically complicated (at times), and could be rather expensive when you added up the various hosting plans and tools needed on an annual basis to keep the site up and running.

➡️ Moving forward

You'll find posts about our scholarly activities related to academic research, publications, presentations, and service, along with tips about how we are effectively making all of this happen with busy careers as an academic administrator and library director (Rusty) at a small private college and director of course operations (Monica) for an online education company.

📮 Have Questions or Want to Share Feedback?

Please send us a message by checking out our 📮Contact Us page. We'd love to hear from you!