Rusty and I had the opportunity to present with Dr. Kevin Hunt at the University of Delaware for the Delaware Division of College and Research Libraries’ (CRLD) Spring 2018 Program. Our presentation, Using Qualtrics to Assess Students’ Engagement with Digital Primary Sources, shared our experiences working with Kevin and his first year composition courses the previous fall.

I was first introduced to this organization by Rusty, who was finishing out his year serving as president of CRLD Delaware. I thoroughly enjoyed the program despite not currently working specifically within an academic library. I wanted to point this out because I think it’s easy to think that CRLD is only for those who work in libraries. While sometimes it may seem from my publications and the events that I attend that I do work in the library field, I don’t at the moment (though between the amount of time I’ve spent in libraries since elementary school – which is when my Mom began working in libraries – and since my field of research mainly focuses on work related to academic libraries – it often feels like I always have!). As we always say to those who ask about how we work together so much – there are many more cross-over goals and projects between libraries and institutional research than one might think.

We always enjoy local speaking and networking opportunities, particularly when we are able to present with a colleague from our institution. If you haven’t checked out your local chapter of CRLD I highly recommend it!

Natalia Lopez of the University of Delaware

Jim McCloskey of Wilmington University