2018 – What a Year!

It seems like every where you look online there are “Year in Review” or “Annual Review” posts being shared right now, so we thought we’d join in and share our version of a “Year in Review” post, academic-style! Something we often hear from other academics is that the publication process can seem to take…. so….. long. Rusty and I first start working together in 2015, and had our first publication and presentations in late 2016. We very intentionally plan out our current and future projects because we remember how long it took to get the ball rolling with writing and publishing when we first started working together and don’t want to be in a spot where we want to write but have no data. Completing an annual review like this is a great way to see that you are actually making progress on your scholarly goals and definitely demonstrated to us that we started hitting our momentum in 2018!

First, let’s take a look at our scholarly activity in 2018, by edited collections, articles, book chapters, and presentations.

Next, we thought it might be fun to compare each year of our scholarly activity to see our output: 2018 / 2017 / 2016. Note, as I mentioned earlier, we first began working together in 2015, but had our first outputs in 2016.

Have you completed any annual review of your scholarly activity?

We’d love to check it out! Share your links in the comments!