Rusty and I had the opportunity recently to serve as guest judges for New Castle County Vocational Technical (NCCVT) School District’s Howard High School of Technology’s SkillsUSA competitions.

Students competed at Howard H.S. from across the state of Delaware in the areas of Business Applications, Web Design, and Animation. We enjoyed interacting with the students and having the opportunity to review their extremely creative competition submissions. This was a special trip for me, personally, as I taught in the NCCVT school district for eight years – it was great to see some familiar faces again.

Stephanie Foster, the Computer Networking instructor and a friend of mine for many years, took us on a tour of Howard after judging concluded. We had the opportunity to see their new building in progress – an absolutely beautiful facility! It’s clear the teachers and staff care deeply about their students and school. Thanks, Stephanie, for hosting us!

Check out some of the pictures form our tour from clicking through the gallery below.

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