Founders Launch of Notion for Academics Academy

Did you catch our recent post about the Founders Launch for Notion for Academics Academy? Make sure to check out that post for more information or visit the course website for additional details.

Program Overview (Previous Posts)

We’re sharing overview posts of each of the Notion for Academics Academy modules. Check out the previous post by visiting:

Notion for Academics Academy Course Walkthrough

We know how important it is to learn about online courses before signing up (especially me as I’m ALWAYS signing up for online courses – I just love to learn!), so during the sales period of the Founders Launch (November 22 – December 13, 2020), we’re going to share details about the course so that you can get a better idea regarding if joining us for the first run of Notion for Academics Academy is for you! As a reminder, this program contains 8 modules, those modules are delivered over 8 weeks with weekly office hours and community support.

Module 2: Goals

In the second module of Notion for Academics Academy, we* walk you through:

  • Considering the importance of Learning vs. Performance Goals
  • Defining your Goals using the SMART Goals Framework
  • Creating Your Goals database that will connect to all area of your NotionForAcademics system

*Important Note: We didn’t just wake up one day & decide we were suddenly experts on Goal Setting.

I don’t know about you, but I often wonder about course creator’s credentials. My dissertation for my 2nd doctorate degree was specifically on goal setting & learning vs. performance goals!⠀If you’re so inclined, you’re welcome to read my dissertation, but perhaps with a caffeinated beverage, because it’s rather long & on the dry side. ⠀

Have questions?

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