About Notion Basics

This is our first post in a series of posts in our new #NotionBasics series. What’s the point of this series? To demystify Notion! Notion is full of great tools but that can make it seem overly complicated.

Think of Notion Like a Blank Page

Getting Started with Notion Can Be Confusing

In this first post in the series, I want to share a quick story of what it was like for me when I was getting started with Notion. The first time I opened Notion, I was confused by the emptiness. I just wasn’t sure where to begin. This confusion led me down the rabbit 🐰 hole of watching YouTube videos that were way beyond my current (just getting started) Notion skill level. ⠀

Those videos led me to trying out templates that were much too complicated for me to tinker with. Over the next several posts, We are sharing a few tips that we wish we knew when we were first getting started with Notion.⠀

Tip #1: You can use Notion like a simple text editor.

Really! Just open a page and start typing.⠀

Tip #2: On that page you can add different types of content

For example, you could add a checklist.⠀

Tip #3: It’s simple to make columns in Notion!

This helps you organize your content. Check out the video above to see this tip in action!⠀

Tip #4: Notion doesn’t have folders, but you can still organize content.

You can have pages within pages within pages within…(notice the pattern?) to help you organize your content.⠀Check out the video above to see this tip in action!

Have questions about Notion?⠀

Let us know in the comments!